Kardashev Scale

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One of many topics in science fiction is Aliens. How do we know how advanced Aliens are? Well, we don’t. We don’t know who aliens are; where they live and how do we reach to them. To know how advanced they are we use the KARDASHEV SCALE. This method was proposed by Soviet Astronomer Nikolai Kardashev.

The Kardashev Scale is used to measure any civilization’s technological advancement. It has 5 stages -

Stage 1- This stage is when the civilization has gained absolute complete control over their planet’s resources. We would all think that we are at Stage 1, but we are not. We have not yet gained complete control. We have yet to make flying cars, rockets that can travel to the Mars with people in it etc. We are currently at Stage 0.75 as we have harnessed most of our Earth’s energy.

Stage 2- This stage is when the civilization has gained complete control of their solar system and have created a Dyson Sphere and are using its energy to venture beyond the solar system and looking for other civilizations. It may take us at least 100 or 200 years to be a Stage 2 civilization.

Stage 3- This stage is when the civilization has gained complete control of their galaxy and are building more Dyson Spheres and Stellar engines (just a brief definition — Stellar engines are machines used to transport stars. With the stars go their solar system. We won’t go very far in detail yet). Now we have incredible power and can dodge nearby supernovas and collisions. We also have exhausted the other planets in our solar system of their resources. So we are mining asteroids, exoplanets and meteors.

This looks very promising, but wait, there is more -

Stage 4- This stage is when the civilization has gained complete control of their UNIVERSE and are building Dyson Spheres in every solar system they go to, building stellar engines for important stars and have the power of containing and extracting power from BLACK HOLES. Now we know many civilizations and have been elected to be the representative of their universe. Boy o Boy. We are now planning to attack other universes and control them. An inter-universal war has broken.

Stage 5- The inter-universal war has ended and we have prevailed. We learnt some secrets and now have the power to create and control universes. The Chancellor sits on the Stellar ship which takes our solar system with us wherever we go. We have the ability to terra form planets and convert them to habitable ones. We have learnt to increase a star and black hole’s life. We don’t have to worry about any universal crunch or black hole explosion. We know how to warp in space and keep our universe as the headquarters for our MULTIVERSE.

Hope you enjoyed this sci-fiction, nonfiction blog. If we use our brains we can do anything. Thank you for reading. Next Article — How to Create An Inter-Universal Civilization.

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