How to survive a Nuclear War

This is Earth if a Nuclear War happens.
The United States of America’s plan to defeat Japan.
Little Boy — Hiroshima, Fat Man — Nagasaki
Communist Soviet Union vs Capitalist United States of America

Imagine if such a war would have broken out, you wouldn’t have survived nor would have your ancestors…

Let us go over the potential competitors, survival, cause and aftermath.

Signing the Nuclear Proliferation Treaty saved the world.
  1. Limited Nuclear War — A limited nuclear war is a nuclear war in which the targets are military bases, specific locations etc. Limited NWs cause less damage and their radiation damage tends to subside quicker as only a couple of nuclear bombs are used. This can be done to capture enemy bases, as a warning or as a start to a long term one. Experts think that such wars can escalate to full out wars.
  2. Full On Nuclear Wars — A Full On NW is a nuclear war in which there is mass destruction. These are far more lethal than Limited NWs as their radiation lasts for decades or centuries and till then the place is not empty of radiation. This will also cause billions of casualties. More on this later.
  1. Soviet Union Recreation — A certain reason could be the rekindling of the Soviet Union. In the Cold War the reason the countries had tension in between because of their government types. The United States of America was a capitalist country while the Soviet Union was communist. The United States tried their best to stop certain countries from turning into communist but they often failed in countries like China and Vietnam. If the Soviet Union reconverts to communist by some small organization, the world is in major danger. This can be known as the Soviet Reunion😂. (This is not my joke and we wouldn’t laugh when this would happen)
  2. Illegal Land Annexation — If there are some countries that annex the land of other countries without the country’s permission and they refuse to go away in peace, the country’s option could be to use force and ward them off, this will lead to war based on which country it is whether communist or capitalist.
  3. Limited Nuclear War — If a limited nuclear war lasts for long, it may convert into a full out nuclear war which will be harmful the world.
  4. Small scale War aiding — If there is a war among two countries and they have communist and capitalist allies respectively the allies may choose to use Nuclear War. However according to me this is quite unlikely.



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