How to Start an Inter-Universal Civilization Part 1

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3 min readMar 17, 2021
The Universe

Our dream has always been to annex space like in the sci-fi shows. They are always bouncing around in their spaceships and colonizing planets. If we want to become like them, we need fuel or energy which we can get from the Dyson Sphere which we discussed in the previous articles. Once we have this sorted, we can safely try to go beyond our solar system. Won’t that be exciting? Let us start our journey.

Imagine you are a character, say James Peter. You have received the boon of being immortal and have the power to see all of the stages of our universe until it dies.

You start on Present day earth where everything is fine and dandy. America is fighting with other countries for oil, Covid 19 is slowly being killed as the vaccine has been made, India is still fighting with the rest of the subcontinent etc etc etc.

Few Months later the solar mission has started. Every country is contributing money as well as its space organisations for making many spaceships and rockets. We start with going in both directions to Mars and Venus. Special suits are being designed for Mars and Venus’s extreme atmosphere. You have been assigned as an astronaut to go to Venus. The plan is to strip mine Venus, Mars and the other planets for their minerals to create the ultimate mega-structure, the Dyson Sphere. So there are rovers, spaceships and rockets being crafted now. We are trying to use a very powerful fuel. So we try using the fusion of antimatter and matter. This power is very rare but efficient.

Now we design light, cheap and renewable rockets and spaceships so the economy is not harmed much. So we accidently discover a new element that is on our Moon that is super durable and light, what a coincidence! This element is called Higgium. Higgium rockets, spaceships and cars are being designed on a large scale. Now Higgium rockets and spaceships have gone to Mars and Venus. The miners are having special bombs to blast mine the planets. Now we have a substantial amount of resources. Thanks to Higgium according to the Kardashev scale we have completed the 1st stage. Hurray, Congrats. We can start our next project which is? Drum roll please — — — THE DYSON SPHERE. The Dyson Sphere is a mega structure which encompasses a star and collects a lot of energy. Building the Dyson Sphere helps us to complete stage 2 of the Kardashev Scale. With the Dyson Sphere we have unlimited power opportunities to travel in the Outer Space. This time Higgium won’t work but we will see in the next article about the stage 2. Thank you for reading and stay tuned to read more. Next article — How to start an inter-universal civilization part 2.

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