How to actually Survive a Nuclear War? (because without my help, you can’t)

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Hello, I see that you are back. This means that you need my help to survive a Nuclear War. Don’t worry as I am here to guide you through this catastrophe.

A nuclear war.

As we discussed last time, a Nuclear War is a war that involves the use of Nuclear Weapons or nukes and such a war can end this planet.

Let us discuss the aftermath of such a nuclear war.

A nuclear bomb with the power of 1 megaton of TNT is so strong that everything in a 5.9 km radius will get obliterated. It will produce winds with huge speeds and soundwaves that can shatter windows and all glass. But the worst is yet to come — Radiation.

Tsar Bomba. The most powerful nuclear bomb 54 with megatons of energy.

Radiation as science explains is energy that comes out of a source and travels through space. This radiation from radioactive decay is so small that it is not right. The waves are so penetrable that they can affect the human DNA and change it just like how COVID had a mutation and turned into a new variant called Omicron. This radiation also causes skin cancer and in most cases, death.

Radiation piercing and altering Human DNA.

Now imagine the area which is affected by the nuke, will be filled with radiation that will infest that location for years.

Now let’s say that many nukes are involved at once. The radiation and pollution created by the bombs will cover the atmosphere for a long while. This phenomenon brings down the temperature of that place because the radioactive cloud created, blocks sunlight from coming through. This phenomenon is called Nuclear Winter. For the time period in which this nuclear winter lasts, that place will become uninhabitable by humans.

Nuclear winter

Interesting fact(depends…) If a nuclear war breaks out between India and Pakistan with 325 nukes in total, the entire northern hemisphere will be enclosed in a nuclear winter lasting many decades or even a century. Meaning the entire Northern Hemisphere will be uninhabitable for a century.

If a full-on nuclear war breaks out between Russia and the USA with a total of 11857 nukes, the entire world will be enclosed in a nuclear winter for 4 millennia that is 4000 years!! But I know one thing for sure that the countries won’t use every last one of their nukes.

Since the aftermath is beyond deadly, I have some tips to survive it.

  1. Bunking in the bunkers — The first and foremost thing to do should be to go to the bunkers. If you can afford it, create one just for yourself and your family members. Since bunkers cost a fortune, try and earn brownie points with those who have bunkers. Bunkers like these should be 1000 ft deep and should have 2 feet thick walls to keep radiation as far as possible. A very thick wall won’t require digging so deep. Keep in mind, the bunker should have only bare essentials such as a few beds, a reinforced 1-foot door at the entrance to keep radiation out, washrooms, food that requires minimum ingredients to make, and a hydroponic farm. A hydroponic farm is a farm that creates water by either collecting dew from plants or recycling urine(rough it out for a while🤮).
How a nuclear bunker should be like. A thick wall for a bunker won’t require digging 300 meters deep.

2. Be alert — Keep a lookout for alerts such as indications of war from other countries which are nuclear powers. To do so, keep an eye on reliable sites and newspapers. Keep in mind — do not pay attention to everything, only read reliable sources.

As you can probably tell by now that these 2 points above are unrealistic. These facts are fragment of my imagination. Bunkers cost a huge fortune and such a war is unpredictable.

Since you don’t want to remain scrounging for money your whole life to afford a bunker, let’s hope that such a war never happens because not only will it take its toll on you, it will cause mass destruction and great loss of life.

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