How to actually Survive a Nuclear War? (because without my help, you can’t)

A nuclear war.
Tsar Bomba. The most powerful nuclear bomb 54 with megatons of energy.
Radiation piercing and altering Human DNA.
Nuclear winter
  1. Bunking in the bunkers — The first and foremost thing to do should be to go to the bunkers. If you can afford it, create one just for yourself and your family members. Since bunkers cost a fortune, try and earn brownie points with those who have bunkers. Bunkers like these should be 1000 ft deep and should have 2 feet thick walls to keep radiation as far as possible. A very thick wall won’t require digging so deep. Keep in mind, the bunker should have only bare essentials such as a few beds, a reinforced 1-foot door at the entrance to keep radiation out, washrooms, food that requires minimum ingredients to make, and a hydroponic farm. A hydroponic farm is a farm that creates water by either collecting dew from plants or recycling urine(rough it out for a while🤮).
How a nuclear bunker should be like. A thick wall for a bunker won’t require digging 300 meters deep.



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Mr. What

Hi guys, I am a 14-year-old guy who just wants to pursue blogging as a part-time job. Hope you guys enjoy my posts!