Dyson Sphere A Bit Further

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Dyson Sphere A Bit Further ☀️

Since we all enjoyed the prequel of this article, I am here to write about DYSON SPHERE PART 2. As we discussed the Dyson Sphere in the last article, it is a mega structure that encompasses a star’s surface and uses a lot of its energy. Now I will write about the transportation and method of constructing it.

First of all, the construction. Our Earth now has limited resources and we won’t be able to make the Dyson plates that easily so we need the help of other planets. We need to target our nearby planets and strip-mine all of them. Mercury, Venus and Mars and nearby asteroids (since these are the planets near us and have terrain unlike the gas giants). The materials we get can be easily used for making the Dyson plates.
Now keeping in mind the size, which is 1 km2. We need the help of big multinational companies, mega furnaces and a lot of manpower! We need to keep the plates flexible and in the shape of a closed umbrella so when we are transporting them, we can carry them easily. Now we are done with the construction!

Now here is the difficult part; which is transporting the plates. We have many ideas, such as –

1. We can setup the transportation base on Mercury so we need to use less fuel and less space on Earth.

2. Each plate needs to be attached to huge solar panels so we can actually collect the energy.

3. Since taking them from Mercury can be hard we need the plates to be unmanned so we don’t have to worry about the sun swallowing the people.

4. It needs to be transported with the help of an electromagnetic slingshot. This transports the plates at high speeds.

5. Once the plates reach their designated location their umbrella shape opens and Voila! The plate is safe in its place.

Now, making the plates and transporting them is a tough job so it can’t happen in a month or a year but probably a few decades. A good task for our future generations to do. Now if we have unlocked the DYSON SPHERE we have unlimited opportunities

1. Going to other solar systems, galaxies.

2. Terraforming the gas giants and making them habitable for more population.

3. Colonizing the other solar systems and converting their star into a Dyson Sphere.

The balance between the up and down has been neutralized. Hopefully we and our future generations work hard to make this astronomical task possible. Good Bye and Stay tuned. Next topic — Kardashev Scale.

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